boilers repair & maintenance services

Boilers Repair, Installation & Maintenance

We have a separate crew for all heating-related work. We provide heating services to both residential and commercial properties. If you heat your home with broiling water, you might adore the fact that your system is legitimately low upkeep and can give you a stable supply of heat.

Boiler Replacement Services

Regrettably, as with other kinds of heating systems, your boiler system can collapse over time and there might come a time that it might require boiler replacement Surrey. If you find out that your home bills hit the roof when you have your heating turned on for lengthier over the wintertime months, it might be time for you to think through a boiler replacement Surrey. And when it comes to boiler installation surrey of a high-performance boiler, you might realize you are able to make significant energy savings. By having a new boiler in place, you will observe that your heating system does not waste as much heat as your preceding one, permitting you to save money on the cost of keeping warm.

Benefits of Boiler Replacement

The chief benefit is that it can decrease your heating bills. This can be accomplished in some ways. The first is that it might use less energy to heat the water. Another benefit of replacing your boiler via boiler replacement services in Surrey, BC is that it can decrease the carbon footprint that your home produces.

Boiler Repair Services

A great and reliable option, boilers can go up to 30 years of run time before they eventually require service replacing.

We do boiler repair services for all types of boiler models and brands and have a wide range of experience working with them. Some common issues that indicate repair work is not needed if your boiler;

  • is repeatedly shutting down
  • is leaking
  • is not heating
  • has loss of pressure
  • is experiencing strange sounds or noise
  • has a buildup of limescale inside called kettling
  • its pilot light is dying frequently
  • has rust or worn-out seals

Boiler Maintenance Services

Think it’s about time to have your boiler serviced?

Regular maintenance and service checks could help preserve the life of your boiler and save you time and money in the long run.

At Blue Sea Plumbing, you can expect top-quality boiler maintenance services by our certified professionals for your boiler maintenance needs to be done by us such as:

  • checking heat exchangers
  • assessing for carbon monoxide leakages
  • cleaning and inspection of the burner
  • conducting a combustion investigation
  • replacing or cleaning the ignitor
  • conducting a complete thorough safety check

New Boiler Installation Services

Did you know that the simple act of merely installing a new modern-day boiler can save you a lot of money by significantly improving the level of energy efficiency in your home?

Benefits of having a new boiler installed include but are not limited to your new boiler;

  • providing better consistency of heat distribution
  • reduction in the noise
  • improving the use of energy
  • saving money on its energy efficiency system
  • increasing the value of your home
  • being smaller in size and utilizing less space

Whether you may require boiler repair, new boiler installation, or just a maintenance service check, give us a call for all your boiler needs and we will be there!

boiler repair and replacement services

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