Furnace Repair

If well cared for and maintained properly, a natural gas furnace can have a work life of up to 20 years! For all things furnace- we are the guys. Contact us today if you think it’s time to get your furnace looked at or assuming you may need to replace it soon, or if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

  • is not heating up properly or up to the mark
  • is making unusual noises
  • has experienced a lot of repair work in a short amount of time
  • is costing you a lot on your energy and utility bills
  • is near the 15-20 years of appliance life
  • has yellow flames coming out of it thus the production of dangerous carbon monoxide, IMMEDIATELY get out of the house and call 9-1-1

Furnace Installation

We have a wide range of experience in working with installing furnaces. Give us a call and we will come assess your furnace and make recommendations based on the problem factors if it requires repairing, needs to be removed and/or replaced and finish with running troubleshooting tests to ensure all is functioning well.

We do installation services of all types of furnace models and brands and have a wide range of experience working with

  • gas furnaces
  • oil furnaces
  • electric furnaces

Furnace Service & Maintenance

Think its about time to have your furnace serviced or your furnace seems to be telling you so?
Regular maintenance and service checks could help preserve the life of your furnace and save you time and money.
Our team will do a through service maintenance and check all functions of the appliance with a checklist including;

  • checking for any gas leaks
  • checking of ducts and flu pipes
  • inspecting gas valves
  • checking filters
  • checking the thermostat
  • inspection and cleaning of the ignitor, crossover, and burner
  • analyzing the temperature of air ducts for even heat flow
  • inspection and cleaning of blower
  • inspection of the wiring
  • cleaning of the heat exchange
  • a complete A-Z evaluation of your entire furnace

Whether you may require furnace repair, new furnace installation, or just a maintenance service check, give us a call for all your furnace needs and we will be there!

Furnace Repair and maintenance

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