Hot Water Heater Installation & Maintenance

Hot Water Heater

Hot Water Heater

A hot water heater is a very important feature in the building. It ensures hot water is coming out of your taps, faucets, and all plumbing fixtures immediately on command. They can save you money, and conserve energy and water. A damaged or malfunctioned heater can cause inconvenience forcing you to be without hot water.

We deal with gas, electric, and instant hot water tanks. Our plumbers will do a full inspection to assess all parts and systems of the hot water heating system. From start to finish we go ahead and do an examination of;

  • drain pipes
  • thermostats
  • heating elements
  • gas valves
  • anode rods
  • ignition
  • sedimentation buildup in the water tank

Hot Water Heater Service

Regular service maintenance is important to ensure hot water tanks are running in good condition and detect any malfunctions or issues before they arise. Our team of certified professional will service your hot water heater and check for common issues that require servicing such as;

    • thermometer testing
    • testing for corrosion or leakage
    • clearing out buildup of sedimentation
    • assessing the anode rod for damage

It is ideal to have your hot water heating system serviced once a year to prolong its life.

Hot Water Tank Repair

Has your hot water system slowed down and your faucets and shower heads are pouring cooler water after you have been using the hot water for a while? Some tell-tale signs your hot water heater needs repair are but nit limited to;

    • hot water turning cold fast
    • water not coming out hot enough
    • foul-smelling odour coming from taps or faucets
    • discolored or dirty water flowing
    • utility bill costs coming unusually high

We do all types of hot water tank repair and deal with all kinds of models, makes, and brands. Our certified team of plumbers will have you on your way to a repaired heater.

Hot Water Tank Installation

Over time and wear and tear, your hot water heater may need replacing and installation of a new one. If your hot water is not coming like it was before, the hot wetter turns cold soon, or the temperature of the water does not come hot enough as indicated on the dial, it may be time to get a new hot water heater installed.

We work with all types of brands, models, and makes of hot water heaters such as;

    • gas hot water tanks
    • on demand/tankless hot water installation units
    • electric hot water tanks

Our certified team of professionals will remove your old water heater and finish the work and install you a new one and dispose of the old one as per the environmental safety guidelines.

Be it a service call, repair, or installation- we deal with all types of hot water heater problems and carry all types of brands, models, and makes that are best suited to your needs and budget. Give us here at Blue Sea Plumbing a call and our certified and knowledgeable team of plumbers will make it right!

Hot water heater repair & installation

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