• October 19, 2021
  • BlueSeaXp

Hot Water Tanks: Gas vs Electric

Hot water tanks are needed in our homes to provide hot water for all of our plumbing fixtures. A broken hot water tank can cost a lot of money, waste energy, time, and can cause great inconvenience and discomfort to you and your household. No one wants to take an ice-cold bath or shower. Washing dishes with no hot water and doing your laundry only in cold water are other tasks that will prove to be less enjoyable, and more difficult without a properly working hot water tank.

Hot water tank installations in Surrey are key to ensure that your hot water tank does not leak or break in another way. Be sure to consult plumbing professionals who are knowledgeable about hot water tanks and hot water tank installation in Surrey. If properly installed and cared for, a hot water tank can last years without any problems.

There are two main types of hot water tanks, gas, and electric. They work generally the same, however electric hot water tanks are known to last a little longer than gas tanks. Roughly speaking, a hot water tank can be used safely without issue for around 10 years.

In a gas hot water tank, a gas-powered flame at the bottom of the tank sends hot air up a chimney that runs through the middle of the tank. The chimney transmits heat to the water. When the hot water taps are turned on, cold water enters the tank to replace the hot water, pushing the warm water out. In an electric hot water tank, electric heathers are used instead of a heated chimney, but the mechanics are the same.

Generally, when a hot water tank breaks, it is better to think about hot water tank installation rather than repair. This is because, often, when a hot water tank breaks, there may be rust in the water or irreparable damage caused by natural wear and tear. Because we rely on hot water tanks so much, they do get worn out from continual use.

If you are noticing cold water coming out of your taps instead of hot water, check the thermocouple. A thermocouple will tell if your hot water tank’s pilot light is on. If the thermocouple is damaged, it may think the pilot light is not on, and then will stop the flow of gas to heat the water. If the pilot light is not on, then your hot water tank will not work.

If you are running out of hot water quickly, you may have a plumbing issue causing the hot water tank to not fill up completely. There may be a blockage in the tank or the pipes, or a leak from the top or bottom of the tank. It is advisable that a hot water tank and plumbing professional look at the hot water tank and do an assessment to see if a new hot water tank installation in Surrey is needed.

If you are noticing problems and you know your hot water tank is either close to, or over the age of 10, hot water tank installation in Surrey may save you money in the long run, as opposed to constantly paying for repairs.