Emergency Plumbing
  • September 17, 2021
  • BlueSeaXp

How to Avoid Running into Plumbing Emergencies?

Plumbing emergencies aren’t fun and the word “emergency” in the name displays that. No one wants to deal with a toilet that won’t flush, a leaky sink, a broken water line, or a flooded basement. Regular plumbing services in Vancouver are a good way to ensure that your plumbing stays intact and working smoothly. Plumbing issues can occur either within a specific appliance such as the kitchen sink or with the main water line. While both issues require plumbing services, issues with the main water line can be much more significant, than issues with one appliance.

The main water line in your house connects your home to the public water and sewer system. Plumbing services should be called as soon as you think you might be having issues with the main water line of your home. As the main waterline connects your home with the public water supply and sewer system, it is very important to have these plumbing services done by professional plumbers. Accidents and unseen obstacles can always happen so it’s best to leave your home’s source of water looked at by the experts.

Some signs that your main water line requires plumbing services include low water pressure, cloudy water, strange noises coming from the pipes, and a drastic increase in your water bill. Low water pressure can be a sign of a clogged water pipe. If one appliance has low water pressure, a pipe either in or connecting to that appliance may be clogged. If the entire home has low water pressure, there could be a blockage or a leak in the main water line. Clogs can happen in many ways. They can stem from waste, items accidentally dropped down the drain or tree roots. As tree roots continue to grow, depending on the size and age of the trees on your property, a plumber alongside an arborist might need to be called in.

Both tree roots and clogs can put immense pressure on pipes and water lines creating cracks. These cracks, if not repaired, can cause a full break in the line.

Cloudy water is another symptom of a faulty water line. Other issues causing cloudy water can be an issue with the appliance itself, within the water tank, or by damaged or disintegrating pipes. If you are finding that the tap water smells off, is cloudy, or has sediments or particles in it, do not drink it, and call for plumbing services immediately. The plumbing of a home is all connected as one cohesive system. If you hear banging in the walls and ceilings, gurgling in your toilet when you turn on the kitchen sink, or other strange noises from one water source when another is turned on, that is a sign of a systemic plumbing issue.

The cost of water bills can fluctuate given the season as water bills in the summer months are often more expensive than the winter months due to an increased usage of water. Similarly, heating bills in the winter are more expensive than in the summer. If you, however, notice that your water bill is extremely high, there may be an issue that needs investigating in the main water line.