Plumbing Repairs & Installation

Plumbing Repairs & Installation

At Blue Sea Plumbing, we do all types of plumbing jobs! Be it repairs or installations, our plumbers are certified and experienced to get the job done well! We have all the best equipment, parts, and tools to do all kind of plumbing fixing jobs and upgrades both for residential and commercial settings.

We work to repair, replace, and install all type of plumbing issues such as:

Shower Repairs

A leaky or broken shower can ruin your bath time. Reach out to our team of professional plumbers when your shower head is leaky, has no or low pressure coming from within it, or your drain is clogging.
We have experience in working with all types of shower head fixtures such as digital shower heads, dual shower heads, steam shower sets, low-flow fixtures, and more.

We can take care of all shower related repair issues such as:

  • water back-up problems
  • drain clogs
  • shower leaks
  • shower fixture and faucet repairs
  • shower installation and removal

Leaky Faucet Repairs

We fix and deal with all types of problems which are but not limited to;

  • clogged drains and water backing up
  • shower repairs and installations
  • problems with shower head pressure
  • faucet repairs
  • shower leaks

The most common and minor form of plumbing work that often needs to be done is repairing leaky faucets. Some people wait so long to fix that drip that it becomes a pour. Don’t try any temporary fixes but get it fixed permanently buy on of our knowledgeable plumbers. Leaks can cause damage to the walls of your interior, plumbing system, cabinetry, and needless to say waste water and money.

Some causes of leaky faucets can be internal damaged valves clogged cartages which can lead the leaking of:

  • bathroom and shower faucets
  • kitchen faucets and pull-down water sprayers
  • utility sinks
  • laundry wash basin facets
  • hose bibs and outdoor faucets

Bath Tub Repairs

The most relaxing and stress-free activity to do to relax at home is a nice bath in the tub. However, if your bathtub is in need of a repair, throw that thought down the drain too!

Bath tub related issues need to be resolved fast before they escalate into worse problems and end up costing you more money. Tub clogs are usually caused by the buildup of hair, grime, limescale, and soap that either needs to be pushed down the drain further or removed from within the top reach to ensure the clog is cleared.

Our plumbers can get the job done fast and efficiently and can help with all types of bathtub related problems such as:

  • water valve replacement
  • drain backups
  • clogged drains
  • leaky and faulty faucet repairs
  • bathtub installation and removal

Washer & Dryer Installation

There’s nothing like the excitement of having a new washer and dryer to wash and dry your clothes and to play with the cool features that home laundry appliances come equipped with these days.

Therefore, when you buy a new washer or dryer, you need the correct installation job done so you don’t damage anything installing or moving them in. At Blue Sea Plumbing, we ensure the correct way to efficiently install your new washer and/or dryer. Our plumbers, check to see if your electrical outlet can accommodate the new appliances, assess for waterlines to ensure no flooding can occur, and also check the ventilation system to ensure that moisture and hot air from the dryer doesn’t accumulate and is flowing outside.

Give us a call and we will make sure:

  • the washer and dryer are fitted in accordance to manufacturer’s specifications
  • to assess connectivity
  • to check for leakage
  • the plumbing and electrical connections are right

Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Inspections and Installations

The pressure reducing valve is very important in plumbing as it helps to regulate the amount of water pressure that is being used. When it malfunctions or breaks down, it can cause your too much pressure to get placed on your pipes, hot water tank, your appliances, and the plumbing system causing you to spend wasted time and money on a problem that could have been solved very simply.

If you notice the water pressure anywhere in your home to be coming greatly increased, give us a call and we can:

  • conduct a test for the water pressure
  • check and see your PRV is functioning and devoid of leaks
  • install a new PRV if required

PRV Inspection

We also offer PRV inspection services. If you are in doubt or think there is a problem with your PRV or If you notice a sudden change in your water’s pressure system, we can do an inspection and asses it. We can easily test the PRV with our checking system and tell you what the problem is.

Give us a call today if your having problems with water pressure.

Toilet Repairs

The first thing to dread in terms of appliance and plumbing systems to malfunction or breakdown is the toilet. When your toilet is in need of repair, don’t wait any longer and give the professional team of plumbers at Blue Sea Plumbing a call. If left unrepaired, toilets can cause flooding in the bathroom and possibly contamination problems.

At Blue Sea Plumbing, we repair are sorts of models, makes and brands of toilets and fix all types of:

  • leaks
  • clogs
  • backed up drainage systems
  • continuous flow of running water
  • flushing issues
  • mechanical issues

Toilet Installations

If you are buying a new toilet or just replacing your old one, we do toilet installations for all types of toilets from different brands, models and makes. We offer installation services for all types of toilets such as:

  • traditional toilets
  • wall mounted toilets
  • dual-flush toilets
  • touchless flush toilets
  • pressure assisted toilets
  • gravity feed toilets
  • single and two-pieced toilets
  • waterless toilets
  • bidets and bidet seats

However big or small or fancy or simple of a toilet installation job it may be, give us a call and we will have it done for you with no problems or hassles.

Garburator Installation

For those that have one, garburators are of great use and can help make kitchen clean-up a breeze! A garburator can be installed in almost every type of sink and our plumbers can guide you on the types of models and sizes that will work best for your home.

We can find you the ideal model, do all the fitting work, and assess its functionality with the power source when it has been installed. Wait no more and give us a call to install yours today.

Garburator Removal

Garburator Removal may be required if your current one is not functioning as it once used to. If you notice a foul odour coming from your sink, food waste particles aren’t going down, there is clogging and drainage issues that you already gotten fixed before, it may be time to get it removed. Some reasons why your garburator is facing these issues could include;

  • the remaining food bits have formed clogs
  • your current model does not have the required horsepower
  • metal inside has eroded or rusted

For all garburator issues, we at Blue Sea Plumbing are the guys who will have the job well done.

Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Installations

Are you replacing your old kitchen sink or building a brand-new home and need a kitchen sink installed?
If you are looking to buy a new sink or already have one and it needs to be installed, contact our plumbing team and we can perform all type of kitchen sink needs such as:

  • installation, sealing & alignment
  • under-sink plumbing services
  • helping you in choosing the most suited sink for you
  • inspection of existing plumbing job
  • kitchen installation clean-up

Bathroom Sink Installation

Installing a new bathroom sink can be an exciting when you are newly building, renovation, or just doing some interior designing to improve the look of your home.

We can offer professional services in all types of installations of:

  • basin sinks
  • under-mounted sinks
  • wall mounted sinks
  • drop-in sinks
  • pedestal sinks

With over 15 years of knowledge and expertise, we here at Blue Sea Plumbing can do all bathroom sink installations for you whether they be residential or commercial.

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