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Sewer Line Repair

You can run into major problems with sewer lines if they are clogged and/or in need of repair. Make sure your sewer water isn’t going where it should not be as this may cost you time, money, and potentially having to do deal with municipality officials who may need to step in. Some reasons why sewage blockages occur may be due to;

  • pipe corrosion that may cause them to deteriorate, restrict the flow of water, or even break
  • pipes that may have been broken or cracked, or collapsed due to shifted soil and dirt underground
  • buildup and heavy usage of flushable waste materials such as toilet paper and hygiene products that may be stalled inside the pipes

Always call a professional if you suspect any type of sewer related problems before they cause significant damage to your property or home. Some sure tell signs that a sewer line may have cracked or leaking can include on observation;

    • you notice your bathtub drains slow
    • there is a strong bad odour coming from outside on your property
    • your drains have sewer backup water coming thru
    • there are gurgling sounds coming from the toilet
    • your lawn areas are flooded nearby where the sewage pipe is

For all types of pipe and sewer repairs, we are here!

Sewer Line Installations

Sometimes, sewer lines can’t be repaired and are in the need of replacement and installation to be needed. A sewer line replacement job is a big ordeal and can be expensive, time consuming, and needs professional servicing. Our certified and experienced technicians will assess the site, explain you the diagnosis and options on how to resolve the issue.

Before you go and do any digging, remember to give us a call and we can look into it by merely checking through a small area with virtually no major digging required.


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