When it comes to boiler repair or boiler replacement, there are pros and cons to each option. Boiler repair in Surrey should be done by trained and experienced professionals only. A boiler heating system is generally low maintenance with limited upkeep, which is a reliable source of heat.

However, when you need boiler repair in Surrey, depending on the time of year, it can vary between an annoyance and a huge inconvenience. Boilers can last as long as 30 years before they require replacing. Boiler repair is often the best option, and the option that is the least complicated and stressful.

If you do not have a working boiler, you will not have hot water inside your home. This can be an emergency during colder months, especially if your home is heated by your boiler as well. Boiler repair Surrey should only be done by people with the knowledge and training for how to fix boilers properly and safely. If a mistake is made, it could result in a dangerous situation.

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Signs of boiler danger should be taken seriously. If you smell any gas or fumes, you should immediately be concerned and call for boiler repair Surrey as soon as possible. Often, it may be your gas range stovetop or fireplace. If both of those appliances are turned off and are odor free, check your boiler. The smell of gas could come from the boiler room itself, or from the vents. Call an appliance repair company and listen to their instructions. It may be safer for you to temporarily leave your home until a leak can be ruled out.

Boiler repair Surrey can often fall off our priority list because the boiler is often tucked away, and is out of sight, out of mind. Check on your boiler frequently, to look for any signs of wear or tear. If you see soot, scorch marks, or burn marks on your boiler and on the floor and walls surrounding it, it is time for boiler repair Surrey. Scorch or burn marks can be an indication of trouble and need to be addressed as soon as possible.

If your pilot light keeps needed to be re-lit, or the flame is yellow instead of a bright blue, your pilot light needs cleaning or replacing. A faulty pilot light can lead to gas leaks or fires. Ice cold water or rooms not warming up when the heat is on are other indications that the pilot light is not working.

Signs that you need boiler repair Surrey are generally very noticeable. If your boiler is repeatedly shutting down, leaking, not heating water, is making strange or loud sounds, is rusty or has a repeatedly dying pilot light, it is time for boiler repair Surrey.

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Other signs that you need boiler repair Surrey include a build-up of limescale inside your boiler, called kettling, and low water pressure, water that does not stay hot for very long, or water that is taking a while to heat up.

While boilers are relatively low-maintenance, they do still need to be serviced. Regular boiler servicing often decreases the need for boiler repair Surrey. Boiler maintenance includes assessment for carbon monoxide leaks, cleaning the ignitor and the burner, and doing a safety check.

It is important to have your boiler checked to make sure that all of the parts are working correctly. Accidents can happen, and having a carbon monoxide leak, or a faulty ignitor can lead to extremely dangerous situations and even death.

If you are needing boiler repair in Surrey frequently, or have an older boiler, consider installing a new, modern boiler. They are much more energy-efficient, are less noisy, will save you money, and are often smaller than older boilers.