We need hot water both for comfort and to clean effectively. When your hot water tank suddenly stops working, you realize how much you rely on hot water. A good hot water tank can last anywhere between 10 to 15 years if properly cared for. Thankfully, replacing your hot water tank isn’t a big job and can be done in less than a day.

You might be tempted to try and tackle the job yourself, but unless you’re a trained professional, this seemingly easy job can suddenly turn dangerous and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. No matter what the project is, most of the time you will hit a snag or two. That’s reason enough to leave the job to the pros, but here are a few more reasons why you should trust your hot water tank installation in Vancouver to the specialists.

  1. Letting a Professional do it Saves You Time

Trying to install your hot water tank after watching a YouTube video might save you money, but what is your time worth? After making the purchase, taking the tank home, unpacking it, watching the video, and collecting the tools you need, most of the day is already gone. Hot water tank installation professionals could have finished the job by then. Even the pros tackle the job as a team.

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  1. Safety First

Most hot water tanks are heated by gas, so proper installation is vital. Even if you think you’ve done it properly, there is a huge risk that your gas lines may not be hooked up properly, especially if you have never attempted to work with gas lines before. If your gas lines are not sealed properly, you may highly possibly be getting a continuous flow of natural gas seeping into your home. One wrong move can spell disaster. What’s more, whatever room your hot water tank is in needs to be ventilated properly. Pressure can even build up in the tank if the job isn’t done right, leading to a potential explosion. Don’t put your family at risk and hire someone who’s done it before.

  1. Who’s Got Your Back?

Sometimes, despite best efforts, mistakes can be made. But hot water tank installation specialists back their work. If something wasn’t done correctly or if further adjustments need to be made, it’s easy enough to have them come back and check the problem. If you do it yourself and mistakes were made, who is going to come and fix it? Most likely a specialist. So, you’ve not saved any money, and you certainly did not save any time. Skip this middle step and have the professionals come and do it right the first time.

The key to getting the most out of your hot water tank is regular maintenance. For services and hot water tank installation in Vancouver, Blue Sea Plumbing is your one-stop shop.

A warm heated home is no longer thought of as a luxury but a necessity. Many British Columbians rely on hot water not only for doing household chores, bathing, cooking but also to heat their homes. When looking into hot water tank installations in Surrey, you want to make sure everything goes smoothly, especially if a new hot water tank is being installed to replace one that has unexpectedly died.

The best way to ensure that you are not caught off guard without a hot water tank is to monitor and look for signs that your hot water tank needs to be either repaired or replaced. Household appliances don’t last forever and hot water tanks are not an exception. The average expectancy for a hot water tank is anywhere around 8-12 years. This varies based on the unit, when and how often it gets serviced, and the quality of the water being used in the tank.

If your hot water tank is making strange noises, that is a sure sign that something is wrong. While the majority of hot water tanks do make some level of noise, if you start hearing tattling or banging noises or the usual noises are louder or more frequent, this could be an indication that your hot water tank is in need of a look by a professional. The noises could potentially be caused by buildup in the water storage tank or a faulty part. A blockage or a part not working properly can make the entire appliance strained to result in loud noises.

If you ever smell rotten eggs or a sulfur-like odour and you have a gas hot water tank, get out of your house immediately! This unpleasant smell can be a sign of a gas leak. Gas leaks are very serious and can be lethal. It also increases the potential for a fire or explosion. Never ignore the smell of rotten eggs! Natural gas has no smell; this smell is added to serve as a warning in the incident of a gas leak.

Another sign to never ignore is leakage. When it comes to hot water tanks, leaks are never a good sign. Even the smallest and slowest leak can lead to big trouble and large bills. Small leaks can also quickly escalate into a flood. If you are noticing several leaks or pools of water under your hot water tank, it might be time to consider getting a new tank and calling a plumber.

A drastic increase in your water bill is another sign that something may be wrong. Generally, a noticeable increase in your water bill is a sign that your hot water tank is old and is becoming less energy efficient. Even though replacing your hot water tank may be more expensive upfront compared to repairs, in the long run, installing a newer and more energy-efficient option will be the more cost-effective option.

Hot water tank installation in Surrey doesn’t have to be stressful. By paying attention to the concerns and signs, you can prevent a hot water tank installation nightmare and instead have an organized transition from your old hot water tank to your new hot water tank very swiftly.