Thermostats are the brain and control system in managing and navigating through the temperatures, settings, and control panel of your heating system. Our technicians are licensed, certified and bonded to guide you to the best and most suited thermostat models and services as per your needs.


Modern day thermostats are easy to use, configure, read and can be controlled via the use of a tablet or smart phone. They are cost effective, affordable, and readily available to view even if you are away from the location where they are placed.
We offer all types of modern thermostat installations for models such as;

  • digital programmable thermostats
  • remote energy thermostats (REI)
  • smart thermostats
  • digital non-programmable thermostats
  • manual thermostats


Did you know, like other home appliances and electronics, thermostats also require checking and repairs? Troubleshooting your thermostat is relatively inexpensive and finding malfunction earlier can save you from mishaps and misrepresentation on the numbers.

Some common thermostat issues that may require troubleshooting are and not limited to;

  • loose wiring
  • positioning of the thermostat meter
  • buildup of dirt and dust inside the thermostat meter
  • issue of power supply via batteries not being replaced, leaking, or corrosion

Whether you need a new thermostat installed or you are dealing with a faulty and malfunctioning one and it needs to be checked out, give us a call for all your thermostat needs and we will be there!


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