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Trenchless Water Line Repair

Is your water line in need of repair?

At Blue Sea Plumbing, our experienced team of certified professionals are specialists in water line repair in the lower mainland area. We are experts in repairing water lines in a trenchless manner requiring no major digging.

Our plumbers use a new technologically advanced method of repairing and replacing water lines without requiring any further or new digging and work with the same digging hole size as your old or damaged water line. This ensures that there is no damage or harm done to your property.

We use a modern method of trenchless water line repair which allows us to only work in the same area size of the hole as your old water pipe is thus removing the need to dig up on pathways and sidewalks. No more unsightly, complicated, and inconvenient hassles of digging up trenches with huge machinery and destroying the area in the process. This means you save time and money having the water line repaired in less downtime.

The next time your water line needs repairing, think of the plumbers at Blue Sea Plumbing who can do it for you easily and professionally when you need it.


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