Waterlines are the arteries that deliver water to all the functioning appliances in the home and any malfunction or breakdown can cause inconvenience, time, and money to be unreasonably spent. Some factors that can cause damage to your waterlines causing them to need repairing or installation may include but are not limited to;

  • clogs
  • shifting of soil
  • corrosion
  • rapid changes in temperature
  • infiltration of tree roots

Our team will come and assess the problem and diagnose a solution that is right for your waterlines.

Waterline Repairs

Your waterlines may be in need of a repair job over time and wear and tear. In addition, other factors can also contribute to them being looked at sooner as persistent waterline problems can lead to damage on the large end if left untreated.

If you notice any of the following issues, call your plumbing professionals at Blue Sea Plumbing:

  • decrease in water pressure
  • cracks in the foundation of your home
  • sound of water continuously flowing
  • patches of unusual growth in your lawn areas
  • dampness and moisture in the home, particularly the basement or crawl space
  • a foul-smelling odour

Waterline Installations

As waterlines may require installation, we do understand that they are can be disruptive to property owners and nearby neighbours who can experience inconvenience due to the noise, digging, and abrupt blockages to pathways accessed by sidewalks and roads.

Our team will work efficiently and keep in mind:

  • the protection and ensure minimal disruption is caused as possible
  • to complete a thorough restoration of your property is done prior to how it was
  • use better replacement of industry standard pipes
  • to do an inspection check after the installation is complete checking for leakage and effective connections

We use only the highest quality replacement pipes free of lead, copper, and poly-B chemicals to ensue the health and safety of your and your family.


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