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  • September 9, 2022
  • BlueSeaXp

What to Expect When Having a New Boiler Installed

Boilers typically last for more than ten years, but you could be at the point where you already need to replace your commercial boiler. Whether it’s because your old boiler isn’t working anymore or you’d rather have a newer, upgraded model, commercial boiler installation is a process that requires some planning. While many boiler replacement services will guide you seamlessly throughout, it’s still helpful to know what to expect during installation and how to prepare for it.

Preparing for Installation

Before installing your boiler, a boiler replacement services technician will first arrive at your place to inspect the area and discuss the boiler setup that would work best for you. This will involve conducting a thorough heating survey of your space. To determine the correct boiler size, your technician will check the number of rooms, bathrooms, and existing radiators and how many people are usually inside. Furthermore, the possible locations for your boiler and how to connect it to a power source will be examined to see if additional pipework will be needed.

The service technician will also talk to you about your preferences while explaining what they’ve discovered from the heating survey and going through your options. This way, by the end of the visit, you’ll already have settled on the right commercial boiler for your business, from the exact model and location of your building to installation costs. You can then decide on a specific time and date for the boiler installation and wait for them to visit again on that day.

The Installation Process

You will have to be present at the start of the installation to give the boiler replacement service engineer access to your space. When the installation is underway, you do not have to stay on your property the whole time – you can leave and come back once it is finished. How long installation will take depends on the complexity of your home? For simple installations such as replacing an old combi boiler with a new one of the same type, it’ll only take a few hours up to less than a day. However, if the installation involves extensive pipework changes or drilling, you might have to wait for two to five days. Regardless of the work that needs to be done, your engineer will let you know how much time the project will take.

To prepare for the installation, the technician will ensure your space stays clean by covering nearby surfaces with carpet protectors and dust sheets. If you’re having an old boiler replaced, it’ll be cut off first from the gas and water supply, then removed. Before connecting the new boiler, the technician will clean out your central heating system to eliminate most of the debris. They might do a simple chemical flush or a power flush over several hours for more intensive cleaning. Next, they will adjust the pipework, even reconfiguring it to minimize the heat loss of your boiler.

Finally, they will install the boiler at your agreed location which is usually the boiler room. This will be connected to water outlets, the mains supply, and radiators, with regular boilers also requiring storage tanks. Aside from the boiler, they may also add accessories such as a system filter or filling loops.

Testing and Wrap-Up

Once the boiler is installed, there will still be a little more. System checks will need to be conducted to ensure that the boiler is working correctly, from looking for potential leaks to checking if the gas pressure is in the correct range. Once they’ve tested it comprehensively, they will clean up the space and call you back so they can fill you in on what to do with your new boiler.

Along with their tests, your appliance professional will ask you to try out the boiler yourself so you can see if it’s working according to your specifications. They will then explain how to operate the boiler and lay down safety rules. Although they’ll be giving you the boiler manual, and you can contact them freely in the future, it’s still an excellent time to go through any questions and concerns you might have since they’re already there to demonstrate the boiler.